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Elizabeth Edwards Opens up to Oprah

May 8, 2009

Los Angeles, California (USA) – It’s so easy to judge these days isn’t it? What with Bristol Palin running around preaching against premarital sex and disgraced politicians attaching themselves to reality shows, it’s easy to surrender to our baser natures and moralize. It’s like they’re practically inviting our contempt, or at least some serious snarkiness. 6a00d8341c630a53ef011570769663970b-800wiSo Elizabeth Edwards goes on “Oprah,” or rather invites Oprah to her and John’s “dream house,” and we know exactly what’s going to happen. With her sympathetic eyes and soothingly familiar voice, Oprah will gently but firmly lead Elizabeth Edwards around the loud and crowded show ring, then through a modified obstacle course of public soul-baring. Elizabeth has a book to pitch, called “Resilience,” a fitting enough title for a woman who has lost a child, been diagnosed with incurable cancer and, last year, watched as her husband was outed as a lying adulterer by the tabloids.  No doubt she has much to say about the perils of mortality and life in politics but she’s been in the public eye long enough to know which of these is her media lead (hint: it isn’t the cancer).

Thursday’s interview was, unsurprisingly, much touted by Harpo Productions and, just as unsurprisingly, Elizabeth Edwards was immediately taken to task by some for bringing the whole sordid business back into the cultural conversation. As the interview began, that criticism seemed valid enough. It was all so tediously familiar. Oprah arrived in her big Oprah car, the whole family piled out and pretended to be happy that Mom was about to go on national television to talk about what must have been a fairly horrible year in the Edwards’ dream house. The house was duly admired, and John sheepishly agreed to “be around” before hustling the children away so the two women could get down to business. (Read the rest of this piece here)

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